1. Long time, no see!

This is an informal expression, used between friends meaning I haven't seen you for a long time.


2. Touch wood!

This is a common British superstition used to avoid bad luck, either when mentioning good luck that you have had in the past or when mentioning hopes you have for the future. It is common when using touch wood to touch a piece of wood at the same time.

  • I hope we get a good draw in the F.A. Cup, touch wood!

This is a very old superstition. The idea is that if you touch wood -the same material which the cross of Christ was made of - you will have good luck.


3. Sort of/kind of


  • He was kind of weird-looking.
  • It was sort of like chicken soup.

Sort of and kind of are often used when you cannot find the right word to express what you mean. Some people do not like these phrases but they are extremely common in everyday conversation.


4. Cup of tea

If something or someone is not your cup of tea, it is/they are not the type of thing or person that you like.

  • A: Do you like David Beckham?
    B: No, he's not really my cup of tea.
  • A: Do you want to go to karaoke tonight?
    B: Thanks, but it's not my cup of tea.


More next month!

1. Long time, no see!



2. Touch wood


  • FAカップでは良い組み合わせに恵まれるといいね!



3. Sort of/kind of


  • 彼はなんか変な様子だった
  • それはチキン・スープみたいなものだった

Sort ofとkind ofは言いたいことにぴったりあてはまる言葉が見つからない時によく使われます。これらの表現を好まない人もいますが、日常の会話では非常に一般的に使われます。


4. Cup of tea

もし何かまたは誰かが自分のcup of teaではないとしたら、そのこと/人が好みではないということです。

  • A: デイビット・ベッカム好き?
    B: ううん、あんまり好みじゃないな。
  • A: 今晩カラオケに行く?
    B: ありがとう、でも好きじゃないんだ。