1. Quid

A "quid" is British slang for one pound. Very similar in use to the American "buck. A five pound note is called a "fiver" and a ten pound note a "tenner".

  • Could you lend me twenty quid, mate?
  • This T-shirt only cost me a fiver.

Here are some other interesting words too.

  • Monkey - £500
  • Ton - £100
  • Pony - £25
  • Score - £20
  • Ayrton Senna - £10 (tenner).
  • Lady Godiva - £5 (fiver).

With reference to a 'monkey' for £500, some sources claim it came from soldiers returning from India where the 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. They used the term monkey for 500 rupees and on returning to England the saying was converted for sterling to mean £500. Also it is said that the 25 rupee note had a picture of a pony on it.


2. Rat arsed

Being extremely drunk.

  • I got completely rat-arsed at Rachel's party.
  • They came home completely rat-arsed.


3. Really

Americans can't be bothered to finish it off! I hear a lot of "it's real hot" "something's real cool" "he's real cute" etc. The word is "really", not "real"!


4. Round

One drink for each person in a gathering or group. So when you hear the words "your round" in the pub, it means that it's your turn to buy the drinks for everyone in the group. Since the price of beers are quite expensive these days, the art of buying the rounds has developed into ensuring you buy the first one before everyone has arrived, without being obvious!

  • Let me buy the next round.


5. Rubbish

Waste material or unwanted or worthless things (garbage or trash in U.S.A.).

  • Could you put those empty boxes in the rubbish bin?
  • His new film was absolutely rubbish.
  • Don't talk rubbish!


More next month!

1. Quid


  • ねえ、20ポンド貸してくれない?
  • このTシャツはたったの5ポンドだったよ。


  • Monkey - 500ポンド
  • Ton - 100ポンド
  • Pony - 25 ポンド
  • Score - 20ポンド
  • Ayrton Senna - 10ポンド (tenner).
  • Lady Godiva - 5ポンド (fiver).



2. Rat-arsed


  • レイチェルのパーティーでぐでんぐでんに酔っぱらっちゃったよ。
  • 彼等は泥酔して帰ってきた。


3. Really

アメリカ人たちはどうもめんどくさがって最後まで言わないみたいですね!よくIt's real hot「something's real cool he's real cute のような使われ方を耳にします。正しくは「real」ではなく「really」なんですよ!


4. Round

同じグループのメンバーの飲み物1杯ずつの意味。パブでyour roundと言われたら、「同じグループのみんなに飲み物をおごる番ですよ」ということです。最近ビールも安くないのでこのおごり方というのもテクニックが必要になり、まだメンバー全員が揃う前、一番目に自分の番をそっとうまく済ませておくのがこつです!

  • 俺が次(みんなの飲み物の分を)払うね


5. Rubbish


  • その空き箱をゴミ箱に捨ててくれる?
  • 彼の新しい映画はまったくの駄作だったよ。
  • でたらめ言うなよ!