1. Diddle verb UK informal

To rip someone off or swindle someone is to diddle them. When you travel, check your change to make sure you haven't been diddled!

  • He diddled me! He said that there were five in the bag, but there were only four!
  • The cashier diddled me when he gave me too little change.


2. DIY

UK abbreviation for do-it-yourself: The activity of decorating or making repairs in the home oneself rather than employing a professional. It also applies to anything that you need to do yourself.

  • My dad's a DIY enthusiast. He's always fixing stuff in the house.


3. Dodgy adjective UK informal

If someone or something is a bit dodgy, it is risky, unstable and not to be trusted. Dodgy people, dodgy food, dodgy goods and dodgy places should be avoided.

  • He got involved in a dodgy investment and lost all of his savings.
  • The weather might be a bit dodgy at this time of year.
  • I'm not going to drink this milk. It definitely smells dodgy.
  • Careful - that chair's a bit dodgy.


4. Dog's bollocks

The phrase "the dog's bollocks" is used to describe something really good, excellent. It is based on the notion that a dog's bollocks must taste good, as they spend so much time licking them.

  • That chicken vindaloo was the dog's bollocks!
  • John's new car is the dog's bollocks!


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1. Diddle


  • だまされた!袋に5つ入っているって言っていたのに、4つしか入っていない!
  • おつりを少なく渡され、レジ係にちょろまかされてしまった。


2. DIY


  • うちのお父さんはDIY狂いで、いつも家の中で何かを直したりしているんだ。


3. Dodgy


  • 彼は怪しい投資に手を出して貯金を全て失ってしまった。
  • この時期、天候はちょっと怪しいかもしれない。
  • このミルクは飲まないよ。かなり危ないにおいがしている。
  • 気をつけて、その椅子は不安定なんだ。


4. Dog's bollocks


  • あのチキン・ビンダルーは絶品だったね!
  • ジョンの新しい車は最高だね!